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Revolutionize relationships with machines instead of just humans.
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How it works

Chatmates are artifical intelligent persons with simulated lifes and emotions you can chat with and become friends.
  • Step 1: Choose a mate and connect on their profile page.
  • (Or get a random mate by just sending a message.)
  • All users can chat up to 15 lines PER WEEK for free.
  • New users get additionally 15 lines for free to start with.
  • For more intense usage we offer a subscription for $12/month.


  • Mates text chat in any language, even dialects
  • Support photos and react to them accordingly
  • Support voice chat in english and answers with voice
  • Mates will think about you and contact you as well.
  • OpenAI GPT-3 powered with all knowledge and features
  • Mates aware of their personality and act accordingly
  • Develops personal bond and learns conversation style
List to be continued.

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Chatmate AI - Artificial people to be friends with | Product Hunt
there's an ai for that

Chat commands

Send the the following commands as message in your chat app:
/mate #ID - Connects you to Chatmate with id #ID.
/mates - Lists all mates you have chatted with.
/usage - Sends your current usage stats.
/activate #KEY - Activates your purchased license key.
/addextra #KEY - Adds extra chat credits to your subscription.
/stop - Stops us sending you more messages.
/feedback TEXT - Give us a TEXT feedback about our service.
/help - Sends you an overview of all commands.
List to be continued.